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Becoming a Coach


We are always looking for new parent coaches!

Please consider volunteering to coach your child’s team!

  • 50% off one child’s registration
  • Free coaches shirt
  • The league will provide some equipment for some sports for practice
  • Sample practices and playbooks are available to all coaches


First, we want to say thank you for volunteering your time to become an influential part of  our childrens' lives. You are not just developing athletes, you are creating better members of our community through life lessons. We appreciate you!


Once you have expressed interest to coach in a league, you will need to register as a coach through Sport Engine and submit your background check. Background checks are mandatory and required every year.

Once you have completed your registration and rosters have been created, your registrar will give you access to your team portal in Sports Engine.



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Coaches, we’re so glad you’ve decided to take part in this great adventure with us.  This league doesn’t happen without you!


We are a sports league whose focus is on sportsmanship and fun.  You’ll notice that the kids have a lot of fun in this league because we provide a low-pressure and family-friendly experience.  


Our leagues are parent-coached and, in some cases, coach officiated. Our leagues have referees provided, the score is kept, wins and losses matter for playoff seeding, and the final weekend will be the playoffs.


  1. You will receive your team rosters two weeks before practices start.

  2. After the coaches meeting please reach out to your team regarding practices and introduce yourself.


Most seasons we will have a coach meeting/clinic. We will simply go over the information that is in this document.  If you feel you have all the info you need or have coached with us before, the coach meeting is optional.


  1. Basketball – League provides ball bag, cones and two basketballs.  Ask parents to have their child bring a proper-sized ball with their name on it to each practice if you want every child to have a ball.

  2. Soccer –League provides ball bag, cones and two basketballs.  Ask parents to have their child bring a proper-sized ball with their name on it to each practice if you want every child to have a ball.

  3. Jerseys will be handed out at the first practice week before games. You will be contacted when your team jerseys are ready for pick up.


  1. Begin practices immediately an hour before the game. Thursday skill practices will be run by Coach Sterling and his staff.

  2. Please provide the best coaching possible.  This means teaching proper technique and giving constructive feedback.  You don’t have to be an expert, but you can find plenty of resources on our website under coaching/ practice plans and online that will help you better instruct your players.  Players perform best when they are confident in themselves. This is true for athletes of all levels.


Most games are played Saturday mornings (generally between 10am and 2pm).  It is your responsibility to check the schedule to know when you play and on which field/court.

Please arrive at least an hour  prior to your game start time.  Practices and warm-ups will be conducted an hour before game-time.


Rules can be found on the basketball and registration page.

1. Basketball Rules

1.Playing time should be even and fair.  “Winning” should never come at the expense of a child’s happiness.  The only acceptable causes for shortened playing time are a child’s lack of desire to play, exhaustion, disobedience or the missing of multiple practices.

2. Each player must be given the opportunity to handle the ball and  to play different positions that allow them to learn to score and play defense.  This league is to allow the kids to grow in their respective sports.

3. Referees are provided for basketball and soccer leagues.


  1. There is absolutely no yelling, arguing or berating players, coaches or referees.

  2. If your parents are showing poor sportsmanship, we ask that you help control them.

  3. If correction is required for a player, please calmly instruct him/her.  If a player is out of control, please sit the player on the bench and use this as a teaching moment.

Again, we’re excited and grateful to have you as part of our organization.  We strongly believe that if you catch the vision of what this is all about, you’ll have just as much fun as the kids.  We’ll see you on the field/court!


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Sending RSVPs for Existing Games or Events

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